At-Home Lawn Mower and Riding Lawn Mower Repairs and Tune ups

I will come to your house and repair or tune up your lawn mower.

What's that? You'll come to my place and fix my lawn mower or riding mower onsite? Yes! I'll work in your garage or your driveway and when I finish your lawn mower will be ready for spring.

And all for about the same cost as if you had to haul that darn, heavy, oily machine into the shop.

Let's face it; what's the most difficult part of getting your Toro fixed? I'm glad you asked! It's getting it to the guy who fixes it, right?

Problem Solved. Done and Done.

What's in a Lawn Mower Tune up?

Tuneups differ from machine to machine but typically I'll perform the following:

  • Change the Spark Plug
  • Check and maintain the carburetor and governor
  • Change the Oil (4 cycle)
  • Lubricate the Moving Parts
  • Check the Propulsion system if self propelled
  • Check any cables
  • Check/Change the air filter
  • Sharpen the Blade(s)
  • Wipe down the machine so it's clean and tidy

How much is this going to cost?

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I can handle that, too. Same number: 414-367-9262

I'm ready. Now what?

Call me now at 414-367-9262 or click

to send me a message. We'll schedule an appointment that's convenient for both of us. I'll show up on time and you'll be drinking your coffee while I work. Takes about an hour if all goes as planned.

Who am I?

Nice to meet you, I'm Greg Ryan.

I'm a degreed Electrical Engineer who has finished one career and started another. I've found that working on small engines is very satisfying to me and that I'm pretty good at it.

Yes, I may sometimes need to get parts from my shop,but usually not. I carry the most common parts for my trade and all the tools needed in one handy vehicle