Tips for Starting your snowblower

First snowfall of the season and you’re having difficulty starting your snowblower. Here’s a quick checklist of what you should do to start your snowblower. This first section assumes that your machine is in good, operating order.

  • If your snowblower has an on/off switch make sure it’s in the “on” position. Make sure the "engine key" is in.
  • Most snowblowers have a choke knob. This control varies the amount of gas/air mixture into the carburetor. When your machine is cold, you need to “choke” it and make sure the choke is in the closed position. The direction to which you should turn the knob may vary from engine to engine but the symbol remains the same. Close that choke on a cold winter morning.
  • Move the throttle control to the rabbit position (fast!). If your snowblower has a key switch, make sure it’s turned on (usually clockwise as far as it will go). 
  • Pump the primer button two or three times.
  • Give the pull cord a good, solid pull. If your snowblower has an electric start, now’s the time to plug it and and press the start button.
  • As the engine warms up, you’ll want to move the choke from the “choke” position to a “run” position

The engine should start up with a pull or two. Listen to that engine roar!

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