Each snowblower or lawnmower I work on requires (on average) about 1/2 hour of my time and about $15 worth of repair parts.

Want to help me with my donation program but don't have a machine to donate? 

I'll take your cash or Amazon gift cards!

Do you have a used Lawn Mower or Snow Blower that needs a new home?
Would you like to donate it to somebody who could really use it but can’t afford it right now?

Let's do it together!

I'm willing to do free tune-ups and repairs on selected Lawn Mowers and Snow Blowers and then donate them free of charge to persons and families who can really use them.

Obviously, there's going to be some restrictions:

  • The machines need to be in “okay” condition

    • not too old

    • not requiring too much financial outlay for the repairs

    • Push mowers and snowblowers (single and 2 stage ok!) only.  No Riding mowers

  • Machines that are not running but are in good physical condition are worthy candidates!

  • I’m doing this work in the Milwaukee area only.


Please contact me if you have a machine that's taking up space in your shed or garage and together we can find a new home for it. I'll make sure that it's running well and I can deliver to the new owners as well. 

If you have a recipient in mind, that's terrific! I'll make sure that they get it! Or if we need to find somebody to be the proud new owner of the machine, I can help with that too.

This is not a nonprofit endeavor so you won't be able to declare it on your taxes. But think of how good you'll feel knowing that the new owner will be able to get out of his or her driveway in the middle of January!

Contact me via private message or text to 414-367-9262 and we'll begin moving your machine to a new owner. Your garage will be glad that you did!

Best Wishes,

Greg Ryan

Greg’s Small Engines

I'm ready. Now what?

Call me now at 414-367-9262 or click

to send me a message. We'll schedule an appointment that's convenient for both of us. I'll show up on time and you'll be drinking your coffee while I work. Takes about an hour if all goes as planned.

Used Machines?

 Donate those gently (or not so gently!) used machines!  Keep them out of the landfill and give them to somebody who can really use it.

I'll take care of tuning it up and getting it ready for the new recipient.